Run #

Open a new Command Prompt or Powershell and navigate to your rundir, from there run the command:


Config.xml changes #

If this is the first time ServX has been run or you want a clean Config.xml file, immediately terminate the program (Ctrl+C) after a Config.xml has been created, change the Config.xml as necessary, and run ServX again.

Specific Instance by Id #

If there is more than one Instance defined in Config.xml a specific instance can be started by passing the Id:

..\servx\ServX.exe MyCluster.Stones

Confirm Running #

When ServX is ready to be connected to you will see:

Accepting Users

Errors #

If errors are encountered when trying to run ServX for the first time, ensure that all installation steps have been completed, including the installation of the .NET prerequisites, the lua scripts, and export of the Stones map. For other errors, see the errors documentation.