Default Config.xml #

ServX will look for a Config.xml file in the current working directory. If one is not found then a default will be created. Below are various options and their descriptions.

Config #

Name Description
ExposeToInternet If false, ServX will only listen on the local loopback ( If true, ServX will listen on all interfaces.
AdvertiseServer If true, ServX will be visible in the public server list.
AccessListOnly If true, only those defined within AccessList.xml will be allowed a successful connection, anyone else will be denied.
AccessRestriction When defined, only those with access greater than or equal to definition can successfully connect.
ServerIndex This setting is useful to run multiple stand-alone instances of ServX, each instance can have a unique index to prevent collisions with ports. This setting directly affects Ports. Does not affect cluster instances.
ServerName Name of the server, displayed in the server browser.
ServerDescription A description of the server.
DEV When true, a global lua variable DEV is declared as true. This allows writing logic to handle things from development to production by using different Config.xml files, as configurations are not shared between those environments.
StartingTemplate The template a new player will use when created.
Core Relative to rundir location of the core scripts and definitions
Game Relative to rundir location of the game scripts and definitions. This can overwrite anything defined in Core.
Mod Relative to rundir location of the mod scripts and definitions. This can overwrite anything defined in Core and/or Game.
Instance The details of the ServX instance(s).
Instance #
<Instance ServerIndex="0" Id="MyCluster.Stones" WorldName="Stones" MapUrl="" MaxUsers="32" Required="false" />
<Instance ServerIndex="1" Id="MyCluster.Boulder" WorldName="Boulder" MapUrl="" MaxUsers="32" Required="false" />
Name Description
ServerIndex When ServX runs as an instance to a cluster, this defines the ServerIndex to use for that instance. This setting directly affects Ports.
Id Unique identifier for an Instance. This used to be called Region Address in Shards Engine and fragments will remain till they don’t.
WorldName The name of the world This must match the folder in mapdata of the map you wish to run. Requires exported mapdata from World Creator.
MapUrl The remote http location of the map chunks exported from World Creator.
MaxUsers The maximum number of users that can connect before ServX refuses further connections.
Required ClusterX won’t accept users until all ServX instances with Required set True are accepting users.

Cluster #

These settings are only applicable when running as a cluster.

Name Description
ClusterAddress If this is defined ServX will wait until a connection to a ClusterX instance (at this address) is established before continuing. Comment out or remove from Config.xml to run ServX in standalone.
InstanceAddress The public url/ip address ClusterX will connect players to when sending to this instance.
StartingInstanceId The instance by Id that new players are sent to.
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