This list may become out-of-date as commands are added or removed. Please check the code if commands are not behaving as they should.

Commands #

Most of these commands can be found in their respective access level folders under <core/stones>\scripts\commands\<accesslevel>\main.lua. For commands affecting an object, leaving off the object id from the command should produce either a targeting cursor or a UI window.

Core commands #

Name Description Access level Format (alias)
/help Lists all available commands or describes a specific command. Everyone /help <command>
/allnames Everyone /allnames <all/players/off>
/logoff Return to world select. Everyone /logoff
/quit Quit to desktop. Everyone /quit
/bloom Toggle bloom effect. Everyone /bloom <on/off>
/fpslock Locks framerate to specified value. Everyone /fpslock <5/10/15/30/60>
/music Sets the music volume. Everyone /music <0-10>
/sound Sets the sound effects volume. Everyone /sound <0-10>
/say Mortal /say <text>
/where Gives current coordinates. Mortal /where
/deletechar Mortal /deletechar
/bugreport Currently disabled. Mortal /bugreport
/cast Perform an ability Mortal /cast
/resurrect Bring something back from the dead. Immortal /resurrect (/res)
/teleport Jump. Jump. Jump around. Immortal /teleport (/tele)
/invulnerable Toggle self invulnerability. Immortal /invulnerable (/inv)
/goto Teleport to a specific location. Immortal /goto (/go)
/create Allows for spawning of objects. Demigod /create <template>
/destroy Allows for the removal of objects. Demigod /destroy <target_id>
/search Demigod /search <name>
/copy Demigod /copy <target_id>
/slay Demigod /slay <target_id>
/heal Fully heals the target. Demigod /heal <target_id>
/summon Summon your target. Demigod /summon <target_id>
/backup Force a backup to take place. God /backup
/resetworld God /resetworld
/destroyall God /destroyall
/dostring God /dostring <lua code> (/exec)
/reload [DEBUG COMMAND] Reload the behavior in memory. God /reload
/reloadtemplates [DEBUG COMMAND] Reload all templates in memory. God /reloadtemplates
/info Get information about an object. Gives cursor. God /info
/opencontainer View the contents of a container. God /opencontainer
/shadow Debug movement by seeing the server representation of a character. God /shadow

Stones commands #

Name Description Access level Format (alias)
/getskill Get the level of a skill Mortal /getskill <skill>
/setskill Set the level of a skill. God /setskill <skill> <level>
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