ServX is powered by scripts. The Templates use XML to define certain aspects of GameObj that can be created/spawned. Each GameObj can have scripts or ‘modules’ attached to them. These attached scripts allow registering events to be handled on that GameObj. Also ServX loads the scripts/globals/main.lua file and all files required within.


The API consists of the function defined by ServX that can be utilized within the Lua scripts. Generally (but not guaranteed) a function call with a : semicolon will be used to call ServX defined API functions. When a . period is used to call a function this is more than likely a globally defined Lua function.

Script layers #

There are three layers of scripts possible in CODEX and the paths for each are defined in Config.xml. Core is the base level scripts for the system. Game is the next level of scripts and are used to define the ruleset for the game. Mod is the final level of scripts and is used to customize features of the game. Higher level files will override those with the same path and name in lower levels.

Layer Content Default path
Top layer - Mod Feature customizations <Mod>../testcenter</Mod> (commented out by default)
Middle layer - Game Examples; Stones (skill based), Vanilla (class based, to be released) <Game>../stones</Game>
Base layer - Core Core <Core>../core</Core>
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